Nokia 3.1 Skærmbeskyttelse

Der er ingen produkter, der matcher dit valg.

NOKIA 3.1 Screen Protection

Pamper your phone with a sublime Screen Protection in the form of a armored glass for Nokia 3.1. With a Nokia 3.1 Protective Glass you can use your phone freely without being nervous about smashing the screen of your phone. If the accident should happen, you will save money on the expensive repair as the armor glass will take most of the battle. At INCOVER , Protective Glass will typically get into a hardness of 9h, which means it is 9 times harder than normal glass. This further minimizes the risk of the screen destroying completely. If you are not into armor glass, we recommend protective film for Nokia 3.1 , which protects from scratches. However, these are not an alternative to Protective Glass as protective film does not protect against a smashed screen.